Information and ideas

Everyone is talking about Vegetarian Silk!  I’ve had a lot of queries over the last while, especially since Isabel Hall was demonstrating with it at the Festival of Quilts.  We sold out there, but of course I can always dye more….

There’s information and some ideas for its use here.  Isabel will be at the Knitting and Stitching shows during the autumn too.  We won’t be there, by the way.

Paint, Paper, Paper, Paint

There’s nothing like a dirty palette of paints to inspire and encourage more use!  These are my current Kohinoor Intense colours, and I admit that they do look a little ‘grungy’.

I use them on all sorts of paper, and sometimes on fabric too.

They are lovely for collage papers, and I’m just about to embark upon a new series.

You can see that it’s possible to create all sorts of effects.

Here’s one I ‘prepared’ earlier.  It’s mostly made using conservation/abaca tissue which takes the colour amazingly well

Conservation tissue is also suitable for printing.  This sunflower motif is one I carved from an eraser.

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If you would like some further ideas for usage you might be interested in the paper courses listed here.

The Little Bookies course will be available in the autumn, but ‘Papers to Dye For‘ is available all year round.