Online Workshops x

Let’s Dye – The ‘Talking Threads’ Technique

Part 1


We Can Dye – Now Let’s Investigate

Part 2


Let’s Investigate Dyeing

Parts 1 and 2 at a reduced price


10 thoughts on “Online Workshops x

    1. Thank for asking. No, they aren’t video classes, but there are lots of notes, pictures and diagrams. So much easier to refer to if you want to refresh your memory. Lots of chat and questions allowed in the classroom too, with comments and asides, including extra information, from me too. Hope you will join us.

  1. The email I just received indicated a start date in June for the initial dye class but on opening the link it displays “class closed.”
    If it is in June, does a student have to open the file on those days, or does the info. gets posted so it can be opened at any time, once paid for?
    Thx – Carol

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